Going Somewhere

by Scott Albert Johnson

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“Scott Albert Johnson manhandles his harmonica with a master’s flair. He is a triple-threat artist who can sing, write and blow his emotions clear on out of his harmonica like nobody’s business.” (Goldmine [USA])

"Scott Albert Johnson is a great songwriter. He writes about man's journey: who we are, where we stand and where our lives take us. His musings about life are cast in clever melodies, sung by a voice that seemingly knows no limitations. He is extremely versatile on the harmonica… sometimes you hear the influence of Toots Thielemans, then Howard Levy, and then Stevie Wonder. Johnson has made another excellent record.”
(Rootstime [Belgium])

“Scott Albert Johnson is a virtuoso harmonica player and an excellent singer and songwriter as well. After a few spins, the lyrics remain all around in your head. Johnson has made an equally beautiful and special album.”
(Rudolf’s Music [Netherlands])

Going Somewhere would not be here without the work, support, and encouragement of many, many people. This recording was funded in part by a Performing Arts Fellowship from the Mississippi Arts Commission, as well as a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter contributors include:

Aaron Danzig
Adam and Christine Pastor
Adrian Slobin
Al Anderson
Alan Levin
Allison Bozniak
Allison Douglass
Allison Tatum
Amanda Watson
Andy Anderson
Anne Etheridge
Annica Pettersson
Arthur Jones
Arun Raju
Belinda Boyd
Belmont Trapp
Ben Ames
Benjamin Wise
Bert Smyers
Beth Peterson
Biff Rendar
Bill Boone
Bill Buttrick
Bob Lowery
Brad Clanton
Brad Meltzer
Brent Hearn
Brent McKay
Brian Enge
Brian Sentance
Campbell's Bakery Fondren
Carl Black
Carmen Keys
Caroline Shaul
Cathy Jones Schulz
Cathy Massey
Cathy Sumrall
Cecilia Reese Bullock
Charlene Cunningham
Charles Hooker
Chris Burgess
Chris Todd
Christina Cannon
Christopher B. Myers
Christopher John Rezendes
Clay and Janie Collins
Coleen O 'Brien
Coyt Bailey
Danielle Wahba
David Avery
David Gullick
David Pharr
David Rae Morris
David Watkins
David Watkins Jr.
David Waugh
Dennis Roberts
Derek Teaney
Don Cornwell
Don Jacobs
Donald C. McMillan III
Dorsey Carson
Ed Payne
Edward Ellington
Elaine Talbott
Elizabeth Buyan
Elizabeth Robinson
Emily Gordon
Eric Carter
Eric Martinez
Erica Speed
Erika Dilday
Erika McDaniel
Eugene Starks
Five Sisters Productions
Fran Keane
Frances Jean Neely
Frank Ezelle
Frank Owen
Frederick Reimers
Gary Hilt
George Patton
Hampton H. Stennis
Honey East
Hope Reagan
Jackie Winter
James Bowling
James Butler
James Carter
James Kennedy
James Parker
Jamie Reilly
Jamylle Carter
Jan Watson
Jane Sanders Waugh
Janet Scott
Jason Benge
Jason Watkins
Jay Buzhardt
Jay Losset
Jaymee Vowell
Jeff Perlman
Jeffrey Valenty
Jennifer Boudreaux
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Moyer
Jenny King
Jenny Martinez
Jeremy Amen
Jill Lucas
Jim Miller
Jim Smith
Jimmy and Meredith Creekmore
Jo DeLong
Joan Hawkins Young
Joel Angle
John Donahue
John Maxey
John Powell
John Shue
Joseph Petitt
Josh Cogswell
Josh Smiley
Joshua Brown
Joy Coleman
Julie Collier
Kate Walton
Kathy Clem
Kathy Dowling
Keith Amen
Kelly Blanchard
Kendall Varnell
Kenneth Morrison
Kerry Cleveland
Lara Clement
Larissa Wagner
Larry Tanz
LaRue Owen
Laura Tsaggaris
Laurel Isbister
Laurie Vandermolen
Lee Collins
Leslie Snadowsky
Lester Hailey
Lisa Bailey
Liz Donahue
Lorna Chain
Lynn Scott
Marcia Weaver
Margaret Corcoran
Margie Goldsmith
Marie-France Han
Mark Hall
Mark Jacobstein
Mark Simmons
Mark Trant
Mark Weilenman
Matt Devost
Maura Phillips
McLain Causey
Melissa McLellan
Mellissa Fung
Michael Piazza
Michael Zimmerman
Michelle Morris
Michelle Purdy
Mike Fugazzi
Mike Harrington
Mike Pochop
Mike Sommers
Mimi Bradley
MiMi Stanley
Mina Kenvin
Misty Monroe
Monie Schulling
Montie Moore
Nancy Anne Branton
Natalie Maynor
Nathan Smith
Nina Fiore
Nina Parikh
Pasquale Baldino
Patrick Davis
Paul Catherwood
paul dean
Paul Koerber
Paul Leonard
Peter Paraschos
Phil Franklin
Philip Furse
Phillip C. Burnett, Jr.
Randy Landry
Ravi Raju
Rebecca Olack
Rebekah Sanders
Rich Lee
Rich Puccio
Richard Hunter
Richard J. Siegel
Rick Parker
Rob Courtney
Robert Dienelt
robert m blanton
Ron Blaylock
Ron Ogan
Rusty Hampton
Ruth-Ellen Amen
Sabine Croley
Sam Knowlton
Samantha Ettus
Sarah Beth Tanner
Sarah Buxbaum
Sarah Martinez
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Savina Schoehofer
Scott Mader
Sean Koscho
Sean McMahon
Seth Wilson
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Shelly Johannessen
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Sonja Thomas
Stacie Styles
Stacy Wellborn
Stefan Sullivan
Stephen Holder
Steve Brown
Steve Cook
Steve Forsythe
Steven Connolly
Sue Edelman
Susan Fontenot
Susan H. Lunardini
Susan Hart
Susanne Carver
Tate Nations
Ted Drozdowski
Terry Kerr Neyland
Thad McLaurin
Thomas Crockett
Tia Dees
Tim Paydos
Toby Coleman
Tom Head
Tony Lee
Tracy Kleven
Trey Bourn
Tripp Bowden
Ty Carney
Vera A Dillon
Virginia De Beukelaer
Wes Williams
Wesley Goings
Whitney Gilchrist
Win Ellington
Yasa Uenaka
Yode Owens

Special thanks go to each person who contributed, as well as to the community of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. You have all shaped my life in ways that are difficult to express but happy to contemplate.

I am filled with gratitude and respect for all the incredible musicians who helped me to bring these songs to life, as well as to those other musicians and artists with whom I have collaborated over the years or who have inspired me from afar. You all give me hope.

I would not be who I am without my Mom and Dad, Barbara and Al Johnson. For your love and support, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deepest thanks also to my in-laws, Al Simon and Margaret Barrett- Simon and Ed and Lorre Barrett, as well as the rest of my extended family and friends.

Dedicated to my wife and best friend, Susan Margaret Barrett... and my dearest Charlie, Benjamin, and Lily Margaret. I love you all thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much... and more. Wherever I go, you are always with me.


released June 9, 2015

All songs written and composed by Scott Albert Johnson

(©2015 Monkaroo Music/BMI) except:

(4) Lyrics and music by Brett Winston
(5) Lyrics by SAJ; music by SAJ, Chris Alford, Kenny Graeber, Travis Lamb
(7) Lyrics and music by Peter Gabriel (Real World Music LTD/BMI)
(8) Lyrics by SAJ; title by Chris Alford
(See All Music/BMI); music by SAJ
and Chris Alford
(9) Lyrics by SAJ; music by SAJ and Chalmers Davis
(Chazmosis Music/ASCAP)

Lyrics available at scottalbertjohnson.com/goingsomewhere

Scott Albert Johnson: lead and backing vocals, harmonica
Guitar: Jeff Raines (1), Cody Smith (2, 8);
Brett Winston (4); Bob Gates (4);
Chris Alford (3, 5, 7); Sherman Lee Dillon (6)
Bass guitar: Robert Mercurio (1), Raphael Semmes (2, 4), Tommy Raines (3, 5, 6, 7)
Keyboards and synths: Chalmers Davis
Drums and percussion: Denny Burkes (1), Ted Gainey (1), Steve Cook (2, 8); Hagen Curl (4); Kenny Graeber (3, 5, 6, 7)
Banjo: Barry Sullivan (6)
Mandolin: Andy Wiley (6)
Programming: Ted Gainey (8)
Backing vocals: Holley Peel (2), Brett Winston (4), Ted Gainey (9)

Produced by Scott Albert Johnson.

Co-production by Cody Smith (2),
Jonathan Scarborough (7), and Ted Gainey (8).

Engineers: Tim Cotton (Prime Mobile),
Randy Everett (Terminal), Ted Gainey (Windy Ridge), Chris George and Daniel Majorie (The Living Room), Jonathan Scarborough and Andy Wiley (The Shop), Vince Johnston (Brudog), and Cody Smith. Mastered by Randy Everett.

Art direction by Denny Burkes.

Photography by Susan Margaret Barrett, susanmargaret.com. Frontcover:somewhere over Spain. Back cover: Hawkins Field, Jackson, Mississippi – thanks to Will Dickson.

Publicity: David Avery and Melissa Zeigler of Powderfinger Promotions, powderfingerpromo.com

Publicity, Europe - Peter Holmstedt, Hemifrån, www.hemifran.com

Scott Albert Johnson plays Seydel Harmonicas (with customization by Mike Fugazzi and tech work by Greg Jones). He uses effects pedals by Lone Wolf Blues and microphones by BlowsMeAway Productions.



all rights reserved


Scott Albert Johnson Jackson, Mississippi

Scott Albert Johnson was bathed in the wide range of the American songbook, as well as the sounds of his 1970’s and 80’s childhood. That diversity is at the core of his new album, Going Somewhere. Johnson incorporates rock, jazz, blues, funk, country, and world music, mixed with thoughtful lyrics, strong vocals, and virtuosic harmonica playing, to create a unique, modern concoction of sound. ... more

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Track Name: Going Somewhere
Baby, look at me
And tell me what do you see?
This is my Chapter One
Let me tell you that I’ve just begun

And I can see my destiny
I see it sitting over there
Don’t you worry about a thing
Just get on up here
And hold on tight girl… Now we’re going somewhere

You’re my desert flower
And I’m your man of the hour
Now let’s be clear
I ain’t gonna disappear

And I can see it all
Just hanging in the air
Look in that crystal ball, and tell me, y’all, is it clear?
Full speed ahead now… aren’t we going somewhere?

Nobody is who they say they are
The image in the mirror is way behind the car
These are the times that untie men's shoes, make you trip and fall
And I don’t have an answer at all

I love you girl
Don’t you know you’re my entire world
So take my hand
We’ll fly off to that promised land

And we’ll be happy ever after
Up in that castle in the air
We won’t remember yesterday and we won’t even care
Here’s to us, girl
We’re really going somewhere
Track Name: If I Only Knew the Words
I don't understand this situation
I don’t know the way that I should feel
Can't seem to find the inspiration
Can't find a single thing that's real

I’m talking about a negotiation
A meeting on a bridge that we can’t see
But I can’t stop this cruel reverberation
From filling up the space between you and me

If I only knew the words
If I only knew the song
I would sing it from the mountains
We'd be dancing all night long
If my voice could speak these thoughts
In a way that you could hear
You would feel the way that I do
And our love would reappear

I want to reminisce about tomorrow
Initiate a plan for yesterday
Take a great leap forward to evaluate each sorrow
So we could maybe choose a better way

But you don't want to know the plans I'm making
You know that things must be the way they’ll be
And all these remedies that I'm mistaking
For something that will bring you back to me

If I only knew the words
If I only knew the song
I would scream it to the heavens
With a voice that’s proud and strong
If my soul could speak the truth
And if only you could hear
You would know my heart for certain
And the way would be so clear

And this song goes on forever
And these dreams haunt me night and day
And I see you looking at me, and I don’t know what to say
Why does it have to be that way?

Ten years and I've still got the same affliction
I’ve started and I’ve stopped one thousand times
The metaphors don’t rise above the fiction
The melodies won’t match up with the rhymes

And every breath serves to remind me
Of all the times I've tried to write this song
And now that you have come here to find me
I pray this time that it won’t come out wrong

If I only knew the words
If I only knew the song
I would sing it from the mountains
We'd be dancing all night long
If I only knew the words
If I only knew the song
We would sing it together
And we’d be dancing...
Track Name: Jailbird
Sittin’ here in my pajamas, wishin’ I could see my mama
Counting moments ‘til the morning light
Just a jailbird… giving up without a fight

Ain’t had a drink in thirty years, sure would help to ease my fears
But there ain’t no wine here to be found
Just a jailbird… crying without a sound

They all say that I am less than nothing
If they say anything at all
They tuck me into this dark corner
Far behind these lonely walls

But I ain’t bitching, I ain’t moaning, I’m well aware of the guilt I’m owning
Wish that I could wash it all away
Just a jailbird… lasting through another day

Sometimes I catch a flash of daylight
Right outside this window's iron bars
But it never lasts, it always slips away
And flies off, way off up to the stars

So I’m sleeping in this rotten bed, hoping that I’ll soon be dead
But feeling like that death I’ll never see
Just a jailbird… dreaming of the day I’m free

Just a jailbird… life’s gonna be the death of me

Jailbird dying in the dead of night
Track Name: Haunt My Dreams
You come around in the middle of the night
You come around, I never see you in the light
You come around but it ain't what it seems
I only want you to haunt my dreams

Well, I am the Devil and you gotta understand
I make a man love a woman, make a woman love a man
I hear 'em cryin', Devil, come send 'em to me
I gotta fly 'em on down on those little wings
Said I gotta fly 'em on down on those little wings
Well, now Devil...no, Devil, no it ain't what it seems
I only want you to haunt my dreams

You come around in the middle of the night
You come around, I never see you in the light
You come around but it ain't what it seems
I only want you to haunt my dreams

Well Jesus was the only one who understood
But all it got Him was nailed to that wood
Well, now Jesus don't you act like you're bumming
'Cause we're gonna hang around here until the Second Coming
Said we're gonna hang around here until the Second Coming
Well now Jesus, no Jesus, don't you act like you're bumming
'Cause we're gonna hang and party until the Second Coming

Well now Moses never wore no disguise
No, he saw through the riddles and he saw through the lies
I tell ya baby, everything gonna be all right
'Cause if you're down with him, you're gonna be just fine
Said if you're down with him, you're gonna be just fine
Well, now Moses had the guitar, the Lord and the wine,
So if you're down with him, you're gonna be just fine

You come around in the middle of the night
You come around, I never see you in the light
You come around but it ain't what it seems
I only want you to haunt my dreams
Track Name: All
Well hello, my name is Johnny Q
And I've got a little song for you
And every word I say is true
Please don't interrupt me 'til I'm through

I love my fancy powerboat
I love my sheepskin leather coat
I love my wife 'cause she's six feet tall
Well, I love my things, I love 'em all

I need an antihistamine
So I can feel good (or feel "well", I mean)
I need to build a concrete wall
To hide my stuff, 'cause I need it all

I need a 10-foot satellite dish
So I can teach myself to fish
By watching Channel 209
"All fishing -- ALL the time!"

Gimme gimme,
Gimme gimme gimme

Gimme gimme,
Gimme gimme gimme

I'm really not a material boy
I rent to own, I'm self-employed
But I've got this mirrored paperweight
So I can watch myself evaporate

I'm not the type to contemplate
The meaning of my life...it's GREAT!
Now excuse me while I take this call...
Well, I like, I want, I need it all

Gimme gimme,
Gimme gimme gimme

Gimme gimme,
Gimme gimme gimme
Track Name: A Bigger Gun
We sing a song of fireworks and missiles in the air
Of cluster bombs and carpet bombs and the rocket's cherry glare
All this new technology is sure a lot of fun
But when it really matters, you just need a bigger gun

A little gun has its place in every arsenal
It's sporty and it's flashy -- it just takes a little pull
But when the job is heavy and you've got to get it done
You'll be a happy camper if you bring a bigger gun

Oh, we don't care which way the bullets go
And who they hit, we don't want to know
We wouldn't ever let it spoil our day
It wouldn't make a difference anyway

We'll raise the flag of glory to the rafters way up high
We'll drink a toast of memory to those we left to die...

And when the game is over and our victory is won

We'll thank our God in heaven that He's got a bigger gun
And we'd better hope that their God never gets a bigger gun
So we won't have to tell their God,
"Please don't shoot anyone"
Track Name: I Don't Remember
I got no means to show identification
I got no papers show you what I am
You'll have to take me just the way that you find me
What's gone is gone and I do not give a damn

Empty stomach, empty head
I got empty heart and empty bed
I don't remember
I don't remember

I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything at all
I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything
-anything at all

Strange is your language and I have no decoder
Why don't you make your inentions clear
With eyes to the sun and your mouth to the soda
Saying, "Tell me the truth, you got nothing to fear

Stop staring at me like a bird of prey
I'm all mixed up, I got nothing to say
I don't remember
I don't remember

I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything at all
I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything
Absolutely anything at all
Track Name: Simply Human
My hands are not made out of skin
And my heart is just a piece of tin
And though you may not be able to see
There's so much more to me
Because I think, therefore I must be
Simply human

My systems are programmed to believe
In the things that my sensors are designed to receive
But I know that I’m still not like you
So many things that I still can’t do

But it’s isn’t too far away
And I’m waiting for that day
When you’ll have no choice but to say that I’m…

Simply human

Ask yourself one question
What is it that makes you a man?
Is it the feeling of a woman's fingertips?
Or believing in a heavenly plan?
And if I could feel and believe and love like that
Would I be able to understand?

The future is here right now
And the past doesn’t matter anyhow
Because now I am a part of you
In this dangerous world so new

And it’s getting hard to see
The difference between you and me
Because I feel, I can truly be

Simply human
Track Name: Fragments
I’m sleeping underneath the evening sky
I’m dreaming of a place far from now
Imagining you, right here by my side
Not taking time to wonder why or how

And up above, the stars are shining through
Lighting up a dark and ghostly screen
But you don’t see them quite the way I do
You’re looking at the spaces in between

Are we just a simulation
Of someone else’s meditation
Fragments of a deeper situation?

And somewhere up there, I can almost see
A place just like the one under my feet
With someone just like you, and just like me
Walking down an unfamiliar street

In a place that died ten million years ago
An ancient galaxy without a name
I take a look at you, and I know
The distance is exactly the same

Are we just an improvisation?
A divine hallucination?
Fragments in eternal acceleration?

And then the dream awoke and I was here
Alone again and looking at the sky
The separation is all too clear
And so we send our rockets way up high

But it’s all the same creation
Endless information
Fragments with an unknown destination

I’m sleeping underneath the evening sky…